OutSystems apps for Virtual Reality

Has anybody been building apps using OutSystems (or has experience otherwise) to be used in Hololens, Occulus-rift, Google Cardboard or any other Virtual Reality application?

hi there Daniel, i have been reading about Vr for a while now and i have tried the Oculus and the cardboard.

i don't know if there is anyone developing for VR in outsystems, but it all depends on what your aim is.

For example if you wanna build an App for the current mobile platforms, i recommend a look into the new API called Daylight from google. it makes the VR codding a bit more easy and fast to do

Now if you want something a bit more powerful with some kind of controller integration and space tracking you will need to go for the oculus, Vive or the Hololens, and that requires getting into 3D modeling and getting their specific SDK for example you can develop for the oculus using Blender and their specific UDK witch costs 99$ plus the actual oculus 

hope this clarifies a little bit more of what is the world of VR if you want to explore it more i would be glad to tell you more if you can share your idea, so i can get more accurate with the technology 

Best Regards 

I had created a google vr player plugin based on cordova-vr-player for Outsystems
Check it out at my components