[FeedbackMessage++] Error occured in client script: hideFeedback is not defined
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I installed the latest version of the FeedbackMessage++ component in my personal cloud environment, but I receive an error when I try to use it:

An exception occurred in the client script.
Error: hideFeedback is not defined

SilkUI (version 2.2.1) and the Liverpool theme, both used with a demo app (see attached OML), are also recently downloaded and installed. 

Any idea what is wrong here?


Hi Peter,

I've tested your solution in my cloud envinroment and I could not get this error (see the demo).

I have SilkUI v 2.2.1 and the latest version of the FeedbackMessage++ component v 1.4.0.

Can you provide more info about your envinroment? Is it in Java stack? Which browser are you using?

Hi André, 

Sorry for not testing in another browser... I now tried the following browsers, running on Windows 8.1 Pro:

  • Mozilla Firefox, version 45.0.1, and it's not working there. 
  • Google Chrome, version 51.0.2704.106 m, it works there.
  • Internet Explorer 11, version 11.0.9600.18378, it works there.

I even tried it on my iPhone5S using Safari, and it works there as well. So only Firefox gives me a problem. 

My personal outsystemscloud environment is .NET of course. The environment from the customer I work for at the moment, where we would like to use the FeedbackMessage++ component as well, is also a .NET stack. 

Here's the link to the demo app in my personal cloud.

BTW: when using the Hide Animation SlideToggle the message text sort of rolls over, but doesn't disappear.

Peter van Munster wrote:

BTW: when using the Hide Animation SlideToggle the message text sort of rolls over, but doesn't disappear.

You're right. This is a bug of SlideToggle animation. I'll fix this to the next version.

I've tested in Firefox 47.0.1 running on Win 10 and it's working fine. (See demo here). I'm not sure, but in fact it seems to be some particularity of your browser (maybe some extension or plugin). I'll try to simulate this behavior in other firefox versions. If you have more clues, I would be glad if you share it.

You are right, André, it seems to be specific to at least Firefox version 45.0.1 as the problem does not appear (any more) after upgrading to version 47.0.1. 

That makes the problem less urgent as upgrading Firefox seems to fix the issue. What actually causes the problem on version 45.0.1 I can not tell you.

FYI here's a copy of the OML of my demo app


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