The deployment service on my eSpace is down, and my application is experiencing problems. Only a few pages are accessible.

Can  help me, please? Some advice ?

Hi Adelar,

Can you give more context about your issue?

I think you want to say that the deployment controller service has problems on the server and not on a specific eSpace. 

Have you tried to Stop and Start the Outsystems services?

You can also take a look on your server's event viewer and if needed, an IIS reset.


Hi Gonçalo,

It's all ok now. I send an email to, and the service was restarted... But, how I can stop and start the Outsystems services by my self, in a personal environment ?


Hi Adelar.

You didn,'t mentioned you were working on a Personal Environment in the first place. 

In that case you always need to report the issues to the Outsystems team and they will handle it.

Ok, I know about that.

I have posted the issue here, personal environment troubleshooting forum...

But ok, thank you for the quick response.