How can we check and see the viewstate?

I would also like to redefine the timeout (for publishing in service studio, or the time it is connected in a particular web screen).

Hi Jorge,

There used to be an application called Viewstate Viewer in the downloads page, but I can't find it anymore. Also, maybe this post can help you somehow:

The timeout for publishing in Service Studio is defined in the configuration tool, the global session timeout can be changed directly in the machine.config file.

configuration tool? where?... I do not find anything similar in the service studio or service center for that matter.

The configuration tool is something that is installed along with the Platform Server, so it can be found on your server, if you are using a Windows Server. If you are using Java, then I don't know where it is   

And if you're in the cloud, you need to contact OS to change it.

but why not using the inspect tool of the browsers? or even the source code: ctrl + U  in chrome.

The viewstate is encrypted for security reasons, so you need a tool to decrypt it, if you want it to make any sense. The encrypted viewstate can be seen using the inspect tool of browsers, like you mentioned.

ah, thanks, João!  A pity it is not available the viewstate Viewer anymore in the forge! It would be a must!