[Office Template] Office Template for OutSystems 9

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Published on 2014-01-03 by Paulo Garrudo
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Published on 2014-01-03 by Paulo Garrudo


I'm wondering if someone has created or  adjusted this extension to work in OutSystems 9 on the .Net 3.5 already.




I have fixed it my self, I will add the steps below for someone that decides to use this extention on Outsystems 9 or 10 in the future.

 It took 3 main steps:

1 . Changed the compiler version of Integration Studio  to .NET 4.0.XXX to match the target .net version from    the target  environment .NET  (your OutSytems 9 environment).

2. Open the extension in MS Visual Studio and go to the reference section, remove the WindowsBase reference and add the WindowsBase reference back, but this time it will add the one of the .NET 4.0.

3. go to build -> build solution.

3.1. Save the solution 

3.2. Go back to integration Studio -> verify

3.3. then  Upload

3.4 Then pulbish