Is It possible to set the page property to refresh the next set of pages

 i have Implemented pagination in my outsystem project 

1)I want if clicked on next, it should show next range
2)E.g. in first view it's showing 1,2 &3 page no
3) If I click next it should show 4,5&6  page no.

is it possible, because when i click on next button ,it goes to the next page only 


what i wanted to next set of pages for eg 6,7,8,9,10 if i click on next .but i am getting the next page 

i.e. 2nd page 

Hi Tarun,

I think it's not possible to change the behavior of the pagination feature as you want. What you can do is to clone the Rich Widgets module (if you try to open it the Service Studio will ask you to clone it), implement the behavior you want in the List_Navigation widget and use it instead of the default Rich Widgets.