I would like to set a tooltip in a combo box. This combo box has several items and I'd like to have a tooltip next to every item. Of course, each tooltip would show us a different text description for each one.

maybe with a tooltip container. the problem is the fact I do not have the id for each item of combo box when I try to set a positionId in the tooltip container, it appears only the widget Id... 

up.... anyone?  I still do not know the workaround for this one. 

The tooltip must appear for every single item in the combo box and it must show a multiple-line text.

hmmm, tricky.

you need to set the title per option, but you cannot set that directly.

2 suggestions:

1. build a dropdownlist completely by your self, with listrecords.

2. create it normally, but add some jquery to "inject" the title(s) when loaded.

thus find the widget, then simply loop through it and set the title.

the array will be created in an expression.