OutSystems Using gRPC in Extension

Hi, All;

I have developed a gRPC Protocol Buffer-based application.  I have put it in an "uberjar" and tested it on each platform on which it has to run.  I have verified that the application runs outside of OutSystems.  I have integrated the jar (I had to use jarjar to overcome the fact that OutSystems relies on some old versions of certain libraries).  

Inside my extension, I have used InetAddress to verify that the extension can reach the server.  It can.  However, something about the gRPC communication call causes the extension to halt.  The page has the "spinner" in the tab and never, never completes.  However, the underlying extension exits without notice.

Has anybody successfully implemented a gRPC application in OutSystems, and if so, could you please give me some guidance?



Hi Joe,

Did you manage to resolve the problem? If you have written the extension yourself, it must be possible to debug it, e.g. by writing to the log, to see what goes wrong?