[CKEditor] CKEditor: text does not show up in input field

[CKEditor] CKEditor: text does not show up in input field

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Published on 2017-02-19 by Carlos Henriques
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Published on 2017-02-19 by Carlos Henriques


I encountered the following problem:

1) added 'save' button to the form where CKEditor is used.

2) Save button works well, I used 'submit' method on the save button

3) when i put save and refresh the page I cannot load data into Text Input Field to which CKEditor is connected. It is empty on the browse.

4) when checked in debugger it shows that the text is there, but I cannot see it on the browser.

5) when removing CKEditor from the input text component and leave it as an ordinary input field it works well, therefore I am quite sure that the issue is with CKEditor.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions on this one.

When you say "Refresh the page" is that using AJAX refresh? I'm pretty sure CKEditor only loads text from its source input on the first load. If you want to refresh the text after an AJAX refresh you'll have to use JavaScript, like suggested in this stack overflow thread: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3610010/how-do-i-set-a-value-in-ckeditor-with-javascript

Hi João,

I do not perform ajax refresh. I've set the button to full 'submit'. 

I even made double sure that it refreshes the whole page: It saves all data necessary (including the text from the input field). After that it redirects to the same page and all the preperation, including data load to fields, are performed. Sadly, it does not work. 

Other than that: I will experiment with the resolution you pointed out - thank you very much for your reply.

Warm regards,

Lukasz Cybula

The javascript logic of CKEditor requires that you have a TextArea, in Outsystems terms that means that it only works if you have an Input with more than 1 line.