Binding a weblock input with a dynamic widget value

Hi Guys

How does one bind a web block input with a widget that is on the parent page(where the web lock is placed)?

I've tried to bind it with a local variable that reference the widget value but it will always send the default value to the web block because when we instantiate the input we do it before the value on the widget is set - And this can only be set by the user.


Hi Gontse,

It was hard to process what you've said but I think I understand.

You want to change a variable (using a widget) in the screen and have the web block (inside that screen) to be updated reflecting the new value of the variable. To do it:

-> Set the variable bound to the widget as the value of one of the web block parameter;
-> In the widget, go to the property "on Change" event action, insert a "Ajax Refresh" node and set the web block as the value for the "Widget" property (The web block must to be named to be a valid selection for this property)

What will happen is that every time you change the value in the widget, the web block is refreshed and so the most recent value will be displayed.




You such a Genius my guy.. I really respect you. Thanks. Its working like a baby. I need to communicate with you when I get stuck.

Ive got one other thing. How do I create a grid in Outsystems? I need to create a grid to display square blocks that are displayed below one another.