Hi ,

Have Ticket system integrated with a call center Api, and this api is responsible to  call's my rest method

when a call arrives.

What i want to do is when the request is made create a popup with some data. 

How can i archive this create a popup on backend with data and push him to the client side screen ?

Thanks in Advance,

Hugo Santos

I'm guessing with something like this


If I've undestood it correctly, it's the OS Server that will receive the notification from the call center software, and then you want the server to trigger a popup on the browser.

Note that, as far as I can tell, when you call the action PusherServer in that extension, it will push a message to *all* clients, not a specific one, but I'm sure there are ways around that (a simple one is to have some form of destination identification in the message itself so that only the client with that id will respond to it).

Hi Hugo,

Carlos is correct. You should use a solution with websockets. The Pusher-solution is already capable of doing what you want.

When you give every client a unique EventName (generic EventName + UserId for instance), you can address a specific user and the OnNotify of the Client webblock will let you build the code you need to open a popup.

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Remco Dekkinga

Hi Remco, Carlos, 

It Worked,

However I don't want to depend on other server because this is an internal app.

Do you know any other way to implement this without passing through other external servers ?

Thanks in Advance.

Hugo Santos

jmneto wrote:

Hello Hugo, I think that this video can help you 


Hi Jmneto, 

I have already seen this video, but this helps a user create a popup when you click a button or a link but i need to create a popup every time  i revive a REST request from the server . 

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Hugo Santos

Hi Hugo,

This is possible, but depends on your own knowledge about websockets and the Outsystems environment you are running.

@Running in the cloud: Not possible to build a websocket server inside your cloud environment. The preferred option is to use an external cloud solution that runs the websocket server for you.

@Running On-Premise: You can install a websocket server on your On-Premise environment, but it's not the preferred solution. Preferred is that you setup a second server next to your environment and run a websocket server on this one. You can use Google to find more details on the different WebSocket servers and how to install those.

My suggestion is to keep to the cloud solution, because your internal app will probably have internet access and it will take you much less time to get it up and running. The only reason to go for the On-Premise websocket solution I can think of is that you are running off-line in your own private network or you are eager to learn and you want to know how things work.

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Remco Dekkinga

Thanks for your help guys ,

I will try to use SignalR Framework approach on my own server.

Kind regards,

Hugo Santos