Any trigger/timer which would get activated text file in a directory is changed

One of my extensions in Outsystems is using a text file to read its contents.

Now would want to know if outsystems has any triggers/timers which can be used to monitor a file change event. For example-: if the text file contents are changed that trigger/timer should get activated 

Pretty similar to what is there in Java's WatchService for file change monitoring.



Arnab -

Can we please have a discussion internally (I work for FICO) to see what the actual need is and how we can address it?



I have same issue, interested to know if you find a solution please. I am converting an old C# .Net to Outsystems, it is responsible for import/export to and from files  to database and the import should be triggered when a file arrives in a folder, the current C# .Net uses System.IO.FileSystemEventHandler that raises event when a file arrives. I am wondering if this is possible with OutSystems.Perhaps I can implement a C# extension that does this, but I have no idea how to have the event handler in the C# extension call an outsystems action, I am still new at this OutSystems extensions.

Thanks in advance

I would do it in a timer. Web Applications are designed specifically to respond to requests from a web server, to have something monitoring a file like that requires "always on" code.


Thanks Justin,

Ha, ha, great minds think alike! It is exactly the conclusion I came to shortly after I posted here, I thought to myself, man then there is something running on each folder forever all the time, that is not good, rather set a timer for every 10 minutes or something. So that is what I am doing now.