how to associate a structure or Boolean source to a List_SortColumn widget


   I am trying unsuccessfully set a column order using Boolean source or Structure. I tried use "{Boolean}.[Value]" and "Value" for Boolean source and "{CheckPlan}.[PlanUsed]" and "PlanUsed" for structure. In the structure the PlanUsed is boolean too.

Usually I am receiving the error message that the OS couldn´t bound the field. Unfortunatelly I realized the error continue in the memory after you remove the commands because the OS should be using some kind of cache. It is needed to set another "order column" to remove the cache. I spent much time to discovery that.

I only want to update a temporary field every time I change a combobox. When I try to use a function the aggregate doesn´t enable because it is not possible to run functions inside the DB.

Someone knows some workaround ?


Hi Luciano,

Can you provide a screenshot of this? I believe this can be done.



What are you using to do the sort?


Hi Guys,

   I attached the printscreens to answer all your doubts.   I hope this helps you understand better my problem.



Problem is clear now.

You aren't tying to sort on the column name in the query.

You need to specify a caolumn name as a text literal in that sort widget. Look at the other columns, they will say things like "{User}.[Name]". But the way you have done it, you are passing "false" or "true" and it is looking for a column called "false" or "true" to sort on.


Yeap, I explained this when I told in the attached file that I use calculated fields and they are working fine. The idea to move to structure was to avoid this problem too and I received the same error. I just want a temporary field to control specific things at runtime. How to solve this problem ?


Again... you need to:

1. Stop trying to sort on the word "False" or "True". Sort on the name of the column such as "{Boolean}.[Value]".

2. Probably work better if you sort after the query using the ListSortRecords action in the SortRecords Forge component.