Problem in Displaying Chinese Characters

I use REST to retrieve data from Oracle EBS and some columns contain Chinese characters and those characters were not display correctly.

Any suggestions?



erm, are you using fonts capable of showing them correctly?

afaik, if you use arial, courier you never see the proper chinese characters?

thus something like:

font-family: Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, "Microsoft YaHei New", "Microsoft Yahei", "????", ??, SimSun, STXihei, "????", sans-serif;

Thanks.  I got the idea.  However, I have no knowledge of CSS and I have done the following but it is still not working.

1.  Add Font Definition and Font Class in the Theme Style Sheet

2.  Use the style "SimSun_Regular" for the expression and cell



can you provide a simple oml, so I can check it?

How about the encoding type in DB? Is it GBK (for Chinese). You should convert GBK to UTF-8 (same as your html files) first when you fetch data from DB. "<meta charset="UTF-8">" may need be set in html.