Entity field - Auto incremented number

Hi all,

I am having trouble in finding a solution to accomplish a personal project. 


So basically what i want is to have a entity that is an auto incremented number(starting at 1000) for each time a new record is saved in the database.

Platform: Free OutSystems Platform personal environment.

Any help or advise in finding a solution to my problem is welcome and i would be trully gratefull for that.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have attached a picture just to ilustrate better what i want.

I see two solutions out of which the first one is the easiest one but also needs the most maintenance:

  1. Use a standard auto numbering field and at 1,000 every time you show it
  2. Add a new attribute and every time you do an insert, check the highest number already used, add one to it and update that in your entity

But why do you want to have it started at 1,000?