Problem in REST Service after moving from Dev to QA

Hi Team,

I have created a REST service in one application and consumed in another application. It works fne in Dev environment. I moved both the application to QA environment but the REST service is still accessing the Dev data.

Ex: The Rest service will get Username from User table. The users in Dev and QA are different. The REST service which I moved to QA still checks the Users in the Dev environment.

When I tried to access the REST service URL of Dev and QA in third party tools like POST MAN it works fine and returns proper data. Kindly help us to resolve this issue.




Hello Mehraj,

What you have there are two modules: 

  1. a producer module, which is offering the REST endpoint to be consumed by others
  2. a consumer module, which is consuming the REST endpoint provided by the producer.

I believe that whenever you consume the REST endpoint from third party tools in QA, you are pointing directly to your producer, and so, you see the data coming from the QA database.
Still, your consumer module was built in DEV and the URL that this module is using to point to the producer is the one from Dev. You can check in Service Center, going to Factory > Espaces > Your Espace > Integration tab that your module is still pointing to Dev. You can edit the URL and point it to QA. You can also do this by code if needed...

This is a one time setup. Next time you publish that module from Dev to QA you don't need to worry anymore. Still, if you add new integrations, you need to set those also.

Hope it helps.


Thanks Pedro. It helped me to resolve my problem. You guys are rocking   ..

:) Thanks!