"None of the column headers match with the record attributes". This exception throws when I import the excel.

At the time of ExportToExcel I have set Date column as Text DataType and used DateToText() function to convert it into Text format. Because I am showing "-" OR "TBD" text depends on condition into date column.


Date Column




 i.e. I have set date column to Text datatype

At time of ImportToExcel I have used TextToDate() to assign date value to respective date column.

Please suggest me, How to solve above error.

Thanks and Regards,

 Pradeep Chavhan


Make sure you have the amount of columns in your excel and you have to make sure the headers (first row) names are the same as the names in structure and the same order.

and why convert a date column to text?

if you really want to do that, just chnage the attribute of the structure from date to text.