EPA Taskbox to use cloned Users module.


I'm currently creating a application that has its own Users module and Multitendancy module. My business process was working when the application was using the default modules however since I've cloned the users module and set the users provider to my cloned module, my Taskbox is not appearing for the user assigned to the human activity. After looking around I'm guessing its because the EPA module is using the standard Users module and even though I have logged in the EPA administration and activated it on my eSpaces the EPA's users and my users modules don't match?.

since activating the EPA on the eSpaces In my service studio the process is getting this error:

Is there anyway to clone the EPA module or allow it to look at two User modules at the same time?

Any help is appreciated

Thank you 

Hi Peter,

Why did you clone the Users module? This will break the functionality of the applications using the Users module.

You should have created a layer on top of the Users module (with a new tenant) and then you should be able to use the EPA module with the new tenant in the Users module.

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It's a shared App space and was recommended to clone the user modules.

Hi Peter,

Who recommended cloning the user modules?

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Hi Peter,

In practice the EPA_Taskbox can only be bound to a single user provider in a factory. That's why it stopped working. Will you still be using the normal Users in other applications or will everything use your customized one?

Also, regarding he error you are getting, it doesn't look EPA related. From that error stack you are explicitly calling GetUser with a nullidentifier in that activity User property.


João Rosado

In our current situation we are developing many applications on a single platform so in order to make sure the users of each application don't mix we thought separating each applications users into their own module (so in my case I have a tsUsers) and my application needs to be multi tenant on its own (I have cloned the tenant management into tsTenantManagement) and everything is working with our user segregation including my tenancy.

I'm assuming to make the EPA Taskbox to work my application would have to be on its own platform using the default Users provider.

Thank you.