Force Refresh when user clicks back button

Force Refresh when user clicks back button


I have an application with a relatively standard search screen.

The issue is that when someone clicks back, despite the fact that the search term is correctly stored in a session variable, the actual list results are not being refreshed.

I've read in other places that this is because the back button doesn't trigger the preperation or the refresh.  

I've set the cache time to 0 on the search page, and attempted to keep the result set in a session variable.  Neither of those seem to help.

The question I have: Is there a way to detect that a user got to this page via the back button, and force a page refresh action?

Hi Tom

When you refer "back button" are you talking about browser back button, or is it a link in your web application?

I think the back button form browser, preserves the last fetched list. In the case of an application link, you can add a boolean input parameter to your scren, that is filled with true, when you click in back link.