[BrowserSession] BrowserSession and SSO with Users

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Published on 1 Mar by Remco Dekkinga
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Published on 1 Mar by Remco Dekkinga

If I'm using SSO with the Users espace as the User Provider, can I use this module to extend the session timeout?  If so, does it matter which espace (other than Users) that I am in when the OnSessionStart action is used to call the SetSessionTimeOut?

I want to extend the timeout from 20 minutes to 40 minutes, but I don't just want it to happen in one eSpace.



Hi Cory,

The session is created on the server and can be shared by several eSpaces if you are using the Single Sign-On feature that enables an unified view of users and sessions by a set of eSpaces. See more about Single Sign-On. (see more about: http://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/9.0/default.htm#Language_Reference/About_Sessions_in_OutSystems_Platform.htm)

In other words, it will be effective on all eSpaces where the SSO is defined, and not only for the eSoace where it's being applied.