Aggregates Set a output List


I have an aggregate with some inner joins an left join and Group-By of 9 columns.

I want to set an output List and the suggested type for it is this one  (for exemple):

"CreatedById, Description, ExecutedById, Id, Prty, Status, TicketDate, Type, Version Record List"

all set.. no errors.. published!

Now, i add a reference of this eSpace (Biz_Space) to another one (UI_Space) and have a error on the UI_Space: 

Required Property Value "Unknown 'Unknown' Data Type in 'List' Output Parameter. "

Can you help me in this? What am i doing wrong? 



I am trying to replicate how did you encounter that issue but I can't. Mind to share the OML of both spaces?



Hi JC, 

here you go... the biz.oml  here i got no errors and i can publish it.

and the Ui .oml where i get the error

Hi Hugo,

I checked your OML and found the issue. As a quick solution to your question, you need to reference the Ticket entity as well to the other eSpace. The error is because the other eSpace doesn't know what the TicketId is.

The longer solution (if I am to do it), is to create a structure using the fields you have specified there. And have the structure referenced to the other eSpace. This way, it will be easier to use and cleaner in a way.

Let me know. Sorry for the delayed response due to the timezone difference lol.



Hi, Thanks for the reply... with the first option i get exactly the same erro see attached .oml

the 2nd option i would have to use a for each right?

the biz.oml

Hi Hugo,

I am not sure what are you trying to achieve in the query used in your Biz_ListTicket action. The reason I asked is because you have a lot of 'Group By' in the aggregate. I removed all group bys and the error is gone. I am not sure though if it still give you the data results you want to achieve. I am thinking this is a bug. 

Possible workaround would be using an Advance Query.

Hi All,

The aggregate has multiple group bys (I encounter it when I have 3 or more) in it. When the list type of that aggregate becomes referenced in another espace, the eSpace can't determine the structure/list of that aggregate. A bug?