.NET core 1.0 is out, Outsystems .NET for linux - coming soon?

Now that .NET core has been released - will outsystems look to see if its possible to deploy outsystems .NET for ubuntu? :)


.NET Core vs .NET Framework:

  • Developers can target a single common set of libraries that are supported by multiple platforms (Linux, OS X, Windows)
  • Developers can build applications from any platform
  • You can use only the libraries you need within an application, and the libraries (CoreFX) have been built to have minimal dependencies. These two things mean a smaller footprint.
  • The smaller footprint reduces the impact of upgrades since only those packages used are affected. It makes it appealing for mobile apps that need a small footprint, and cloud-based apps that need many small applications running side-by-side.
  • The smaller footprint also makes .NET Core up to 10x faster than the .NET Framework.
  • Not all functionality in the .NET Framework is included in the lighter .NET Core.

It's not just about .NET, it's about ASP.NET and IIS, neither of which are available for Ubuntu.

asp.net core + nginx?