The question is: Can I recover an entity name when it has been passed as a object, or if not, can I pass the entity type as a parameter, and then get it name somehow?

little bit of background:

I'm developing a audit for my system, and as expected I need to persiste when a register was created, modified or deleted. So far my Audit Action recivies some inputs like the old data, new data, user that made the change, and table name (as text, with the entity name). Problem is, as you may guess, reciving the table name as a text input can be troublesome, since I have to call the audit on at least 3 diferent places using the same input...

Are you trying to achieve something like this component?

Thanks for the reply Nuno!

Unfortunately no, I knew about the Human-Readable Change History component, but in my case I'm trying to achieve something that saves the whole data, and for this end I have JSON (with the help of the action: DiffEntities, I managed to get just the diferences for update cases)...

Meanwhile since I need to call the audit action (As i would have with the component mention above) and I need the Entity name, I made an action for every Entity, that I audit, to retrive it name (something like GetXXXXXXEntityName).

funny enough, on the same boat.

my approach:

1. ardoJSON and outsystems2json action

2. and then the jsonViewer from the forge to show it