[Record Manipulation] What's the purpose?

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Published on 2016-10-06 by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 2016-10-06 by Carlos Alfaro


what is the purpose of this component?

I fail to see why I should use this instead of do it the same way in an assign?


With this extension, you can get and set the Value of a Path in any Record - can be a complex record with different structures and entities - in a programmatically way, instead of having it hard-coded with long list of assigns or big switch selections.

The record values can be accessed directly by their path, that can be defined in run-time, including the position in a RecordList:

  • "Name"
  • "Child.Name"
  • "ChildList.Current.Name"
  • "ChildList[1].Name"

You can download an example of its use here:



Had the same question looking to this component.

Carlos, for what I understand you're getting the data from a Child list by using 'ChildList[<recordNr>].Name', You can use this directly in a assign when needed so what is the advantages of the component (just to clear it up for me ).

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