[Clean Architecture Tool] Feedback/suggestions

[Clean Architecture Tool] Feedback/suggestions

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Published on 10 Jan (9 days ago) by J.
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Published on 10 Jan (9 days ago) by J.

Would it be possible to save the diagram like you've 'designed' it? So made changes to the automatically created diagram and want to save that diagram so the next time it's shown as how I 'designed' it.

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Really Great App,

Same question can i save the diagram?



Thank for the feedback.

I did not implement this feature, well, simply because it was not handy for me ;)

(and was not too bothered about it)

simple workaround: you can always print-screen it :)

But I will think about it how to keep track of the positions... soon(tm)


I uploaded a new version with a initial "remember the positions".

After changing the nodes, click on "update positions" this will do an ajax-call to the server to set the positions.

after that the "show graph" will also check if the positions needs to be updated.

please note, this is a development version, so beware

It works, great (-:


- also zoom/pan is saved now.

- you can save the diagram locally as png.

- hide/show the filter to get more wiggle room

More improvements!

It's now also possible to see a rough ERD with all you applications.

it only show the references not the specifics for now.

Doesn't work in IE.  (Internet Exploder)

Rebecca Hall wrote:

Doesn't work in IE.  (Internet Exploder)


what's the issue you are having. (as a proper tool it all works fine with me)


I noticed indeed it does not work in IE.. tbh IE11 is deprecated in my view so will not actively fix issues with that.