Log File Changes for Security Requirements

1)  The security guys want me to increase the log cycle to 12 weeks for my OutSystems logs, but the configuration tool on my App server stops at 9 weeks.  Is there a way to increase past this 9 week limit?

2)  Where can I find this log file so I can see how large it is at the standard 4 week cycle so I can estimate its size at 9 (or 12) weeks?

I found the C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\logs location, but there's only a .cache file in there with one word in it ("Refresh").  I assume/hope there's another location?

Hi Chris, I can't answer the first question, but the logs are kept on the database, not as text files on the filesystem.

Hi Chris,

You can't increase the log cycle to 12 weeks. The maximum value allowed here is 9 weeks.

As Kilian already mentioned, logs are kept on the database. You can use this forge component to help you managing your logs.

Kind regards,

Ivo Gonçalves