AsynchronousLogging API - when having multiple catalogs issue


We decided to have each application a different catalog, for business reasons.

This is working great. However, we also have our own custom logging tool which we use to track&trace our changes made by the user.

this is ofcourse done by the AsynchronousLogging API. But now we get the 

"Error in BulkWriteToServer:Cannot open database "XXX" requested by the login. The login failed.
Login failed for user 'LogUser'.

(this is the original LogUser from the admin-tool)

Actually I am surprised that api is working that way...

I assume we have to give that LogUser also rights to the different catalogs.. but that isn't stated in the tech-notes of the multiple catalogs? Is this the way to go?

Or am I missing something obvious and I am doing something wrong?

thanks in advance,


Hi J,

What kind of authentication for the Database are you using? Database Authentication or Windows Authentication?

João Rosado

Database authentication (according to the config-tool)

Looking at the code it looks like there shouldn't be a problem or requirement (at least for Database authentication).

I would suggest to open a Support Ticket and get some help in troubleshooting.

João Rosado

Hi Joost,

We tried to replicate your issue and we were unable to cause any issued with "Database Authentication" selected in Configuration Tool.

In the case of Windows Authentication, the log user does indeed require permissions in the catalogs to be able to use the AsynchronousLogging API. We will update the documentation on that accordingly.

Can you confirm that you have "Database Authentication" selected?
And did you have it set to Windows Authentication in the past?

João Rosado