[MicroBlink Plugin] Cannot get this to work in P10

[MicroBlink Plugin] Cannot get this to work in P10

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Published on 11 Jul by OutSystems Experts
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Published on 11 Jul by OutSystems Experts

Has anyone tried this plugin in P10?

I can get it to scan a driver's license but then it appears to crash program execution is not followed. I cannot retrieve any data back from the scan. Even the exception flow is not followed. 

I also am not getting any errors out anyplace that I can see. 

Any suggestions?

I am doing this in my own iOS native wrapper so I cannot easily see the console log. 

Is the console log reader used in OutSystems Now available as an extension that a developer can include in their own application?




Hi Erik,

In terms of logic, it seems ok. I just tested a simple flow in my own custom app and the plugin works fine.

I then tested using an invalid license. In that situation the application crashes just after opening the plugin. The camera shows for a couple of seconds and the application disappears. Is this what's happening to you? If so, please make sure you have a valid license.

Best of luck,