[Simple Reports] Limit the number of pages

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Published on 2017-01-16 by Rafael Fantato
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Published on 2017-01-16 by Rafael Fantato

I have a problem with respect to the rendering of the information in the Reports Simple, I wonder what the limit of supported pages. I'm trying to generate a more than 300-page report, but I can not. Already I tested it with a little less than half and it worked, but with long waiting.

Hi, Silva,

The purpose of this component is to simple solutions or simple needs of reporting. 

Single pages, some pages, graphs but not for a huge data 'cause I´m using a frontend solution in this case.

So the split content into pages is done at client side, on his browser.

The logic that I built in this component is:

- I print all content of tables, for instance, at the first page.
- After I init a JS script to parse each line of table to see if it is visible of this page
- If its not, I cut for next page. It is a while until finish to verify each row of this table
- After, I go to second page and verify again each line and cut what it is not visible to the third page
- Until have no more rows to cut
- To keep the table header, I clone the table, remove the rows already printed that I tagged before.

Understand now why it is not for a huge records?

There is not a limit page, but a client browser memory for process this script


For anyone that runs into this post, the latest version (currently a development version) allows printing a larger number of pages. Text that exceeds the length of a page is continued on the next page, as long as it is separated into paragraphs <p>.