Communication Error when attempting publishing app / 500 errors for REST (consume) mo

When I 1click publish,

Uploading is successful.

But it throws an error on second line:

"Communication Error"  There was an error contacting ''

I'm using Service Studio 10.0.105

Maybe relate:

My error log at: is full of code 500 errors on the REST (consume) module.

Thanks a bunch,


So I've narrowed this down further.

I'm creating a "core" module that just contains data entities.

I'm importing the tables from excel one by one using the accelerator.

I'm fine with smaller tables.  I 1click publish after each import.

Where it dies is after I've imported a large table (45mb excel file, 100 columns, 100,000+ rows).

It imports successfully.  But publishing results in the communication error.  (I'm assuming a timeout???)

Hi David,

The default limit in Service Studio communications is 32Mb so you are hitting that limit on Service Studio side.

The easiest way to workaround the limit is to save the module to disk and upload it in Service Center directly.

Not sure what are the default limits on the cloud side on communications, but assuming they are higher here is another alternative:  increase the ones in Service Studio defaults

  • Close Service Studio
  • Open C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Development Environment 10.0\Service Studio\ServiceStudio.WS.bindings.config  in a text editor.
  • Replace all "33554432" with a higher value "104857600" (100MB)
  • Open Service Studio
  • Try to publish your module
  • After you are done with that table import, remove the excel resource and publish the module without it.
  • Close Service Studio and go put the default values back on the config.

I don't recommend you publishing big modules like that many times on a personal edition, as you will hit the database size limit very fast.

João Rosado

Thank you for that helpful reply!

Can you elaborate on what you mean by "upload it in Service Center directly"?

I see the "Factory" area but don't see anything about uploading a module into an application...

On a side note, I am doing this mainly to see if it will be worth refactoring our application from another platform if we are just going to be hitting all the PE limits quickly.  So these are my biggest database tables.  Good to know if OS free PE will be able to handle things before I do a lot of dev.


In Factory-> eSpaces there is a link "Upload & Publish an eSpace".

You can publish it from there. It it's just a new version of an already publish module it will still be in the same application as it was before.

Also, see this help topic regarding database space in personals.

João Rosado

Thank you.  Though uploading it into the espace whether I choose Upload or Publish doesn't do anything.  It doesn't change the version number.

I haven't tried the second option you suggested yet.