[SMTPClient]  how to use “SMTPClient” sample page

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Published on 2016-09-24 by Wei Zhu
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Published on 2016-09-24 by Wei Zhu


I’m a beginner user of Outsystems service studio 9.1.

Would you tell me how to use “SMTPClient” or give me detail documents to use “SMTPClient”.

I would like to make a module sending system mail by using “SMPT Client” Sample page as below. 

But it does not work showing message it failed the authentication (#1) or faild sending the mail (#2).

What I did was

  1. Create “Set SMTPConfig”(#1)

    • Name = ”Default”

    • Hostname = ”172.XXX.XXX.XXX”
      (equal to Email Configuration service/SMTP Server of studio administration page)

    • SMTP Port = ”XX”
      (equal to Email configuration service/SMTP Port of studio administration page)

    • Email ssl = false

    • Default Sender=”XXXX.test.co.jp”
      (equal to Email configuration service/Default Email Sender of studio administration page)

    • Password=””

    • IS TEST =true

    • Test Address=”yo@test.co.jp”   *my personal email address

    • SMPT Port, Email ssl, Default Sender and Pw is same as above.

  2. Create another “Set SMTP Cnfig”(#2)

    • Name = ”test”

    • Hostname = ”test.co.jp”  our domain

  3. Set “Send Mail Sample Page”

    • SMTP Config=”Default” *    equal to “SetSMTPConfig” Setting

    • To/From=”XXX.XX@test.co.jp”

    • Charset=”utf-8”

    • CC/BCC/Reply To / Content Type charset =””

    • Subject= “?

    • Body=“?

  4. Push send “Send” button => error it failed the authentication(#1) and it failed to send the mail(#2).

It is not clear what I should input Hostname and what I should content type.

what is wrong with my setting?


Does your SMTP Server use STARTTLS ?

If it use STARTTLS, try set Email ssl to True with #1.

I don't think #2 will work, because the host name should be your SMTP Server name of IP



Hi, Wei Zhu

Owing to your advice, I managed to send mails by smtp client.

Thank you very much.

Mails were successfully sent after having set smtp-config hostname alias name instead of