Quickly converting a web app to mobile app

Hi All,

OutSystems 10 introduced separate option for generating a mobile app.

Is it possible to convert an existing web application to a mobile application?



I have the same inquiry. Would be good if Outsystem's staff clarify this.


There is no automatic conversion.

The reason is that the experience, concepts and patterns of the new applications are completely different than the ones existing in Responsive Web Applications. An automatic conversion would in almost all cases provide a bad user (and developer) experience.

I recommend seeing the What's New in OutSystems 10 video to understand exactly why the new applications are really conceptually different.

João Rosado

Hi  João Rosado,

Appreciate your response. I went through the video you mentioned. I agree that mobile app needs a different mind-shift, hence an automatic conversion will not produce good output - optimized for mobile.

I think we can still reuse the code between a mobile and web app.

If we design the web application in a modular fashion - let's say we create a separate module for the data model, a separate module for reusable logic (which may include business rules and logic), then we can reuse much of the code for both the web application and the mobile application. So, even though we may require some more efforts for a separate mobile app, much of the code from web application can be re-used.

Let me know if this is a good idea.

Also if you have any more suggestions, please suggest.