Local variable warnings after V 10 upgrade


In after upgrading to V10 in my code I am seeing that most of the local variables are unused.

I remember I have used these local variables somewhere in code but now it's showing unused. 

Why this happens?

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,

This is a new feature of version 10. The warning appears when some (non-public) action, variable, ... is not being used elsewhere in the module and can be safely deleted.

Please confirm that those variables aren't really being used. If you see usages please report it using submit feedback in Service Studio.

Also, it is pretty easy to check whether they are actually used: either select the variable and press F12 to find references, or delete it and see whether TrueChange objects.

Now when I check usages using F12, they are not used anywhere. If I delete them, there are no error messages on TrueChange objects. But those warnings were not there before version 10 upgrade. 

No, these warnings didn't exists in P9 and before. These are new P10 warnings, which imho are very helpfull!

thanks Kilian