Issues (defect?) with the single value slider in P10 Native

Hello - I have been trying to get the single value sliders to work in a native P10 project.

I am seeing some interesting behavior that I suspect is a defect.

In my app, I am implementing a slider to enter the term of a loan between 12 months and 72 months.

Which creates this:

When I implement steps as increments of 12:

I get this:

Which I expect is a defect. If I try to play with ShowPips and PipSteps - I still get what I believe is a defective result:

These pips should be every 12 points and they are not.

It does work to turn off the pips completely. But does not give the user much feedback. It would still be good to have the min and max value available to the user:

Am I doing anything wrong or is this a defect?



Hello Erik,

It's a defect, thank you for the feedback and it has been added to our backlog!

Best regards,

Rita Dias