Popup inside pop up is not showing feedback messages


I have a popup within popup.

On save action of inside popup, when condition becomes false, I  am showing feedback message but I am not able to see feedback message, when condition is false. Instead feedback message gets displayed, when I close all pop ups.

Please advice how to achieve this.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,

The Feedback Message is showing behind the modal.

You can fix that commenting this line on the CSS of your theme:

div.Feedback_Message_Wrapper {
    /*z-index: 9;*/ 

Hi Carlos,

I am not able to find this line on the CSS of my theme.

What is your base theme? London or SilkUI (Lisbon / Liverpool / Dublin)?

Besides the use of popups in popups...

You should not use feedback-message in this case.

Better have a "inline" expression  (for example .Alert from SilkUI) to show the message what is wrong.

roughly the same as the required-field things.

but that is imho.