How to use client actions ListAll, ListAny and ListIndexOf?


I have a list of integers and want to test integer value if it's in the list or not. I've tried using ListAll, ListAny and ListIndexOf but probably I'm put wrong condition as it only checks against very first element in the list

How should condition look like?

PS: of course I can always use foreach but it doesn't seems right if we have these system actions.


Hi Mykola,

The in case of lists of basic types the "Value" is a special variable that will hold the value to test in each element of the list. So you will want to compare that with what you need to test against.

It's hard to understand exactly what your condition will look like with that screenshot.
Does by any chance your local variable that you want to test against also called "Value"? If that's the case rename it.

João Rosado


Hi João,

Thats correct thank you! There is no indication in documentation or tooltip that I should use "Value" in Condition.. There was also local variable "Value".