Create Custom Footer - SilkUI

I am using SilkUI and the Liverpool theme and am trying to get a couple of divs/containers within the .div.Footer.ThemeGrid_Wrapper 

before the common footer which is wrapped in the 

ThemeGrid_Container (which is limited to 1240 wide, and I need for the rest of the footer)

so that I can re-create a current footer with two images one in left div/container that repeats across and then joins one in a float right div/container that curves to create the effect that is in the picture attached.

I know I can override the ThemeGrid_Container and then restructure the header and main body but that seems very messy and I am sure there is a way to achieve what I want just in the footer but I can't quite get a syntax in css that will work.

Has anybody done this or know how to do it?




HI Keith,

The easiest way is to replicate/clone the theme, enhance the web block that you want and use the clone espace as your base theme in your application. 

Kind regards,



Hi Cy,

Thanks for the reply. 

I had actually done that already using the video to create by own stye guide and taking of the Theme Grid Warpper from the footer and adding a few div's.

I think the Theme's should probably allow for this as it's not an uncommon thing.

Anyway really appreciate you replying at least it confirms my approach.