Good day, OutSystems!

I'm a beginner in OutSystems and I want to  ask if there is a good practice/approach in adding a new input field inside a form whenever I click a button/link of 'Add new input'. I already tried JavaScript and the one with web block but I'm having some conflicts.

1) In JavaScript I'm having trouble in passing the values of the new input field since it's only a custom code. 

2) While in web block, I don't want to use the Ajax Refresh since I want it to append to the container not refresh the whole page. 

If there is a better approach/practice for it, please feel free to answer. 

Thank you in advance! :)


Hi Louise,

Looking at the sample screenshot it seems that you're using a web responsive module, right?

In that case I suggest that you take a look at the editable table widget. It has functionality to add and remove items dynamically.


Hello João,

Yes, that's what I need! Perfect.Thank you so much! 

Hi João

Just a follow up question, is it possible that I can combine an Editable Table and a Form? I need to send the details from the form and the editable table. I can't seem to save the data from the Editable Table whenever I save it using the button for the form that I have.  Is this a good approach?