ServiceCenter Timestamp discrepancy

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We are experiencing a timestamp issue in ServiceCenter where the timestamps next to entries in the "Error","General", "Timers", etc., log pages do not match the timestamp in the 'Environment' box on the right-hand side of the the various ServiceCenter pages, e.g., "Factory", "Monitoring", "Administration", etc.  As an example, entries in the "Error Log" window have a timestamp that displays the following:

11-14-2016 17:48:06

However, in the 'Environment' box on the right-hand side of the page where the License info is displayed, at the bottom the timestamp displays the following:

12:49 Mon 2016-11-14

We are on Pacific Daylight Savings time, so the timestamp listed above - 11-14-2016 17:48:06 - is 8 hours behind UTC, which in our case is correct.  However, the timestamp displayed in the 'Environment' box over on the right-hand side of the ServeCenter page is 5 hours behind UTC.  

We have a number of other Outsystems customer environments that are all very similar to each other, and they all display the correct UTC timestamp in the 'Environment' box on the right side of the page.  However, this one Outsystems environment is the only customer that is displaying this '5 hours behind UTC' timestamp incorrectly.

Both FrontEnd App servers are set to UTC - Mon Nov 14 18:06:46 UTC 2016.

Is there a configuration file where this particular timestamp is set?  I'm not sure what is causing this timestamp to be off by 5 hours.

I've attached a screenshot of what we're seeing with this customer environment.  This screenshot was taken today at 10:12am PDT.

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Hi Jon,

A common scenario happens when you have different time definitions between the frontend and database servers. For your particular case I'm not sure, since you mentioned that all Service Center logs report the correct timestamp, except for the 'Environment' box.

Have you contacted OutSystems Support?