Hello everyone,

I've a webservice in my internal network and I'm acessing to the wsdl in outsystems as "http://<username>@<server>:<port>/<properties_of_ws>" and it works well. The problem is executing the webservice. I have read that it's necessary to use the action "SetWebReferenceCredencials" but how to use it? Does anyone can say how to use this action I've tried but I can't make it to work.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Claudio,

Can you provide more details about your problem? Are you getting any error messages when trying to invoke the webservice?

The "SetWebReferenceCredencials" is used to set HTTP credentials for the web reference. What problem exactly are you facing when trying to use it?

I think I've figured it out. Because it's an internal http address we've to create some firewalls rule so that the webservice can be accessed from the outside. Right?


If the Outsystems server is not in the same network as the webservice server, then you're going to have to expose your webservice to the internet so that it can be accessed from the outside. And yes, firewall rules might be necessary.


That's it. Thanks.