Failed to deserialize JSON to RESTErrors while installing mobile version on Android


I created ToDo mobile app as following the traning. However I can't install it to my mobile phone HTC oneS wit Android 4.0.3. It failes with following error:

Failed to deserialize JSON to RESTErrors:
Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path '', line 0, position 0.
   at ssNativeAppBuilder.Actions.CcNativeOperationsCallbacks.FuncFlowNativeOperationsActionOnAfterResponse.JsonDeserializeOnAfterResponseParseErrors(String inParamJson, STRESTErrorsStructure& outParamData)
   at ssNativeAppBuilder.Actions.CcNativeOperationsCallbacks.FlowNativeOperationsActionOnAfterResponse(HeContext heContext, STHTTPResponseStructure inParamResponse, STHTTPResponseStructure& outParamCustomizedResponse)
   at ssNativeAppBuilder.CcNativeOperations.ActionApplication_GetMobileStatus(HeContext heContext, ICcNativeOperationsCallbacks _callbacks, String inParamAppKey, String inParamHostname, String inParamAuthorization, RLMobileBuildStatusList& outParamStatusList)

Any ideas?

Kind regards,


Hi Valery,

Does that only happens with that device in particular?

Hi Joao,

I tested only on two devices and the second one didn't cause the error.


OutSystems mobile apps only run in Android 4.4 or later, even if you were able to download the app you won't be able to install it, since you're device is running 4.0.3.