[Expenses] Deleting the Sample Data

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Published on 2016-10-18 by Labs
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Published on 2016-10-18 by Labs

I am playing around with the expenses app from the Forge.  When you download the app, it references the Employees espace which comes with a whole host of pre-filled data: employees, organization units , projects, titles, office location, etc...  When I am logged in as Admin, I have the opportunity to do any of the following:

Can someone tell me what happens if I click on "Delete all Data"?

If I import my own data, which of the tabs from the template must be filled in with data?

Thanks for any help.


Hello Ron, 

When you click on "Delete all Data" will delete all data from Expenses (like ExpenseReport, ExpenseItem, Receipt, ReceiptBin) and will delete data in the Employee module, if there's any application using it).

To import your own data, you should fill the SampleExpensesUsers Excel and the SampleExpensesData excel (which have only one tab each one).