Before I UPGRADE Personal Env from 9.1 to v10


I want to upgrade my v9.1 Personal Environment to v10 - BUT - I can't risk loosing my work. I know I can save the .oml and will therefore have my code backed up.

BUT - if I "download" the .oap from the ServiceCenter, how is .oap different from the .oml

Can I restore from the .oap and it will re-populate all my database table data?

Any other precautions I should take BEFORE upgrading?


  1. The .oap is just a zip file containing the several modules of your application.
  2. The .oap will not repopulate your database table data.
  3. You should save your OMLs, OAPs or OSPs before upgrading. If your data is important, maybe you could export it to Excel. I don't want to preoccupy you, but in the case of a personal environment, you don't have many options regarding backups and restores, so if something goes wrong you probably will need to stick with it and solve the issue. You won't be able to go back to 9.1. 
  4. That being said, I believe the upgrade from 9.1 to 10 is fairly low risk, because the web application code of P10 didn't change much from 9.1. All the new mobile stuff is fairly isolated from the old code. I upgraded my personal environment as soon as I could and everything kept working (event stuff that was created with OutSystems Platform 6.0).

Thanks Joao for the insights!

We are working through the contracting process ... so, once we have a subscription am I correct to understand that at that point I WILL be able to more easily backup and restore the apps and the data?