Measure application KPI's

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Is there any way to collect useful metrics for measuring an app KPI's such as:

  • # off downloads (not the download action inside service studio but the number off application downloads)
  • Frequency of executing an action
  • # action execution per timeframe 
  • Time between log in and an action

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Good topic!

i don't think # of app download is available, though it should be possible to get it from the respective stores. Any experience on this from other comunity members?

Aditionally I think it would be interesting to know the customer path on the app. Does Outsystems allows to do this out of the box with the logs that it generates?

What would be the most simple way to get this information, in order to start working on pattern recognition and users association to identify bad experiences (and good).

Looking forward to an interesting discussion on this.


Diogo Henriques