screen gadgets are overlapping

I changed the theme from London to Vanilla using Silk UI.  I don´t know why every webblock is overlapping. It doesn´t regard the lenght of the component.  

Attached the screen to see the problem.  Is it common when we change de themes ?  Someone knows how to fix it  ?


Good afternoon,

Is it only in the popup that this behavior happens? If it is, I would suggest using the LayoutPopup from Silk.

Hope that helps!


Have you checked what is your theme/layout of your popup window?

London's base theme is not SilkUI and that can be the root cause of this issue, while Vanila and all other themes provided by OS are SilkUI framework.

Hi Rita,

   when I changed the eSpace OS changed the LayoutPopup.

Yes, Sree. I checked.


    reorganizing the screen I realized that every new container contains 12 columns again. As I had 2 columns in the form the gadget length became half.  Very weird...    

  It seems SILK UI and London calculate in a different way the internal space into the container.