Hi all,

I run into a problem while publish my eSpace:

"Database Integrity Suggestion
Constraint for 'S_ProcessAccountTab.CreatedBy' was not created because it references a entity from an eSpace in a different database catalog. The delete rule should be changed to ignore."

And I got the same problem in Service Studio, same error Suggestion if I publish my solution.

What I have is a Entity S_ProcessAccountTab, with a attribute named CreatedBy, that is of Data type of User Identifier.

Normal stuff, that until 2 days ago never gave me problems or warnings.

Is this Integrity Suggestion "normal"? We run version of platform server but upgraded Service Studio to recently, could it be because of that.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Filipe,

Is your module in a separate catalog from the system (using the Multiple Database Catalogs feature)?
If yes, then it is normal and the suggestion should already be there in previous versions of the platform.
If you are not using that feature, then that should not be appearing and I would suggest you to open a support ticket about it.

João Rosado