Refreshing charts in mobile.

Refreshing charts in mobile.


Hi guys. I'm trying to implement 3 charts and they depend on values that are selected in three dropdowns. The problem i'm facing is that in p10 I dont have a refresh component(mobile dev), so after I re-execute the action to append the values to the data point I dont know how to refresh the chart on the screen.. Is there anyway to do this?

Hi Paulo,

Just to make sure you're developing a mobile app (rather than a web responsive app), right?

In that case you don't have to refresh anything, the platform will do that for you. When a UI component depends on some data that changed it will re-render automatically. If that's not happening make sure that the charts react to data changes. Which charts component are you using?

I added the action that generates the chart to the charts handler and it worked! 

It's not true for the Height property, isn't it? I'm calculating the variable on a combobox change, the chart gets updated, but not it's height.