[RestrictChars] Suggestions and Improvements for RestrictCharsSample
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Forge component by João Melo

Hi Joao,

First of all great tool you've created, it helps us a lot in developing apps faster. Just a couple suggestions to improve the demo. https://joaomelont.outsystemscloud.com/RestrictCharsSample/

To restrict the Currency to allow only one decimal symbol, if we try to key in "" it still accepts as valid input. And also if possible, to allow @ sign for Email field.




Hi Boney, thank you very much for your feedback.

I just uploaded a new version with the email pattern (@) fixed.

About the currency mask, I added in the sample page another Jquery plugin to customize the field's mask, so it now behaves as a real currency input field.

Hi Joao,

Possible to provide an update of the component in version 10? Seems like some of the existing features will break as the Tokyo Theme is not in version 10 anymore.

Thanks & regards,


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