When you go to enable ECT feedback via the ECT_Provider for an application, there are only Web Applications available for selection under Configuration.

It makes sense that this should be the case as there are some challenges that I am sure still need to be addressed in providing this functionality in the Mobile Applications.

It would useful to have confirmation that ECT is not available for Mobile Applications and if the functionality is on the near horizon.


Yes, it would. Why don't you create an Idea for this idea?


Hey guys. 

It sure is. Working actively on it. Can't promise a date, but it is not forgotten, I can assure you that!



Apologies in resurrecting an old thread, but are there any updates to the status of this?  A colleague of mine said that he saw something in the works for mobile at the NextStep conference last year, but not sure if this is close to release yet.  If it's still in the development phase, we are in a position where we may be interested in beta testing the feature.

Hello Mike.

Thanks for your interest! I hope to have news for you soon. I will take notice to come back here and acnounce the feature going live :)

Hello all. I know it has been a while since this thread was started, but finally the good news are out!


Mobile App Feedback is alive and kicking! Feedback is welcome!