[ShoutSystems] Error on message sent or receive.

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Published on 2017-05-10 by Labs
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Published on 2017-05-10 by Labs


I start having "Undefined is not an object (evaluating 't.List')" error poping uo on every message receive or sent.. Any ideas where to look for the cause?

Thank you

I suspect it is on Firebase component in the value callback action. Can you send a few lines of the stack error? 


From Chrome:

Logger.js:341 [2016-11-24T23:41:25.040Z]: Cannot read property 'List' of undefined
TypeError: Cannot read property 'List' of undefined
    at Function.t.dataFromJS (https:/.../scripts/OutSystems.js?z3_tJEwz5c89f9g+YujDjQ:4:28041)
    at Function.t.fromJS (https://.../scripts/OutSystems.js?z3_tJEwz5c89f9g+YujDjQ:4:28290)
    at Function.fromJS (eval at t.init (https://.../scripts/OutSystems.js?z3_tJEwz5c89f9g+YujDjQ:4:16205), <anonymous>:7:66)
    at GetPictureAggrRec.t.fromJS (https://.../scripts/OutSystems.js?z3_tJEwz5c89f9g+YujDjQ:9:18861)
    at https://..../....MainFlow.Message.controller.js?hVprjzlD1dwCHuwcABrTWA:105:32
    at https://.../scripts/OutSystems.js?z3_tJEwz5c89f9g+YujDjQ:9:6233

Hi Francisco,

probably error was caused by listAppend action... however when I isolated block and then put everything back the problem disappeared... strange..

I don't seem to be able to trace/detect the problem with just that information, i would have to be able to replicate it.
If it appears again please let me know.

It was probably caused with some combination between the type of messages and content you were using at the time.